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Massage Therapy

Many people seek therapeutic massage as a natural means to promote healthy body functioning, and enhance the body’s own restorative powers.


Benefits for therapeutic massage:

  • Relieves the pain of sore or tight muscles

  • Recovery from sports activity, promotes faster healing

  • Improved circulation

  • Increased flexibility, better posture

  • Reduces tension headaches

  • General relaxation, calming of the nervous system

  • Promotes better sleep

  • Promotes a feeling of well being

  • Complement to other Health Care




Ear Candling

When excess ear wax hardens or gets pushed back down the ear canal, it can become impacted. Among the symptoms of excess ear wax are pain, tinnitus, a feeling of fullness in the ear, partial hearing loss, and even vertigo. Ear Candling involves the use of a hollow candle which resembles a straw coated with special wax. The small end of the candle is placed in the person’s ear and the large end is lit with a match. The ear is covered with a special plate. The flame at the top creates a vacuum that draws out the wax.


This technique has been around for centuries. In ancient times hollow reeds from swamp areas were used. It has been passed down for many generations by the Egyptians, the Asian and European cultures. It is recommended that you prepare 2-3 days in advance by putting “ear wax removal aid drops”. This is not necessary but helps. During the session you will not feel anything. You may hear some crackling and popping. After the session noises may appear much louder. Most find that their hearing improves. Sinuses may drain. Warm and itching of the ears may occur temporarily. Both ears can be candled in one session. One after the other. People who should not be candled are those with recent ear, nose, throat or sinus surgery or those who have tubes in their ears or are experiencing ear bleeding. Twice a year we have our teeth cleaned so why not keep our ears healthy with a candling session? This is an old Natural remedy and no claim is made for any cure of any disease or ailment.


Sessions can be one candle per ear (1/2 hour total) or two candles per ear (one hour).

Are there any restrictions? 

There are certain situations in which caution should be taken before receiving therapeutic massage.  It is generally agreed upon that persons with uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart disease, recent surgery or fractures, phlebitis, fever, and other problem conditions should consult their doctors for any restrictions on receiving massage.  In some cases, limited restrictions apply, and in rare cases, massage should be avoided altogether.


If in doubt, consult your doctor.

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