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Janette offers 20+ years of CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation (abdominal issues) and Myofascial Release. She also volunteers twice a year as a Teaching Assistant to the Upledger CranioSacral seminars here in Portland. In addition, Janette also uses her Intuitive Approach that spans back to 1980 when she began her career with Jin Shin Do Acupressure and Polarity Therapies.


Some areas she works on:


Releasing impact trauma from motor vehicle accidents, which allows a faster healing response 


Releasing the "fight/flight/fright" sympathetic nervous response from horse falls, roof falls, repetitive joint or bodily injuries, birth trauma for mom or child


Any impact trauma, to brain or body, such as with First Responders, concussions, pain, inflammation, headaches, edema / fluid retention, TMJ, dental traumas 


Surgery before/after trauma, stiffness, memory, breathing, walking issues 


When the body feels deeply relaxed from the parasympathetic now overriding, healing can occur. CranioSacral is known for its deep ability to de-traumatize the memory in the cells from acute or chronic emotion or physical impact. Lymph Drainage allows backed-up fluids to flow out again, usually losing much water weight, allowing less pain and discomfort, including from past head traumas or ear infections. 


Bottom line, you will walk away with less pain, more flexibility and a deeper sense of being integrated in your body to function in life the way you need and want. Come make an appointment today!  $80 hour. Can discuss possible $70 price for hardship.

Janette Warren

LMT #11510

PICTURE JANETTE 5_31_19 (2).png

Specializing In

CranioSacral Therapy,

Lymph Drainage,

Pregnancies & Visceral Manipulation

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