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Over 4000 years ago, the Chinese discovered ways to move energy flow within the body, helping with healing processes, increasing circulation, relieving pain, and initiating rejuvenation.  This energy is also known as

Qi (chi). Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes Acupuncture, herbs, and  Tuina Chinese massage, views disease as an energetic imbalance in the body.  TCM is considered a complete medical system. It is said that in ancient times the Chinese noticed that some soldiers, when wounded by arrows, recovered from various illnesses.  This led to the study of needles inserted into points on the body which when manipulated could benefit the individual and produce healing. 


Today, during an Acupuncture treatment, very thin, sterile needles are inserted at specifically and individually selected points on the body.  This treatment is tailored to each patient’s needs after a thorough intake by the practitioner. The goal is to help restore balance.

Acupuncture can help correct an imbalance by sedating, moving, or removing a blockage, and/or tonifying the individual according to the underlying cause of the patient’s signs and symptoms. Patients come in not only with specific issues but also for regular “tune ups” as research has shown that Acupuncture can help balance immune system, help with emotional issues, reduce the effects of stress, and promote a feeling of well-being. 


A two year study by the NIH (National Institutes for Health) showed that Acupuncture is indeed a viable Medical System.  Partly because of the findings of this study, Acupuncture is now widely accepted and covered by most insurance companies. TCM seeks to treat the individual as a whole and not just address the overlying signs and symptoms.  Therefore at our clinic, in addition to Acupuncture, depending on the individual’s health issue, we might prescribe an herbal formula to further facilitate the resolution of the imbalance. 

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